Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

In the neighborhood of Abu Dhabi International Airport lies the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, the largest and most advanced falcon hospital. Highlight are a falcon museum and a facility with flying falcons. Every year about 22.000 falcons are treated here. The doctors speak of about 100 to 150 treatments per day. As the falcons live in captivity their nails and beak do not wear off in a natural way. Also their daily food is not of that nature that it wears off their beak. So the birds come in for a manicure treatment once or twice a year. The falcons are anesthetized to be able to perform the manicure in a relaxed way for both parties.

It seems to be very similar to a normal hospital in Belgium. Falcons have a unique passport that has to be handed over at the reception before they take place in the waiting room. In the meantime a medical file is prepared for the attending doctors. Each time a treatment is done, it is noted in the file. What also often happens is that the rachis or calamus breaks. For each of those the hospital has plenty in reserve to repair the damage. After treatment the falcon is able to fly once more.

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