MD3 falcon sculptures

Mark Dedrie

sculptor - sculpteur - beeldhouwer

Mark began his career as bronze caster. He gained command of the craft while also feeling the need to create himself. Carefully, step by step and at first rarely satisfied about the result. The turning point came in 1996.

The municipality of Schoten commissioned him to develop a design he had submitted for a competition.

A new ‘artist/sculptor’ was born! From a debut with abstract sculptures, a gradual evolution towards stylised bronze human and animal figures to, these past 13 years, exclusively animals, with a preference for birds...

Timeless bronze Sculptures

Water & grassland birds - Owls - Falcons - Outdoor sculptures - Penguins - Mammals - Seahorses - Exclusive sculptures

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March 12 to April 10, 2022

Relase new book and exhibition 'Timeless Sculptures'

Timeless Sculptures is the fourth book and to date the most comprehensive overview of the oeuvre of animal artist Mark Dedrie. From brand new creations to some classics, you'll discover them all. Throughout the book, Mark also tells what the sources of inspiration are, which are affect work. Watch and enjoy Timeless Sculptures? You can do that from March 12 in the Early Birds Art Gallery

Early Birds Art Gallery at Antica Namur 2021

After two years of no trade fair participation, we are eagerly looking forward to the resumption of canceled events. Always nice to be able to show your creations at other locations.

New exhibition with paintings of Bernard Buffet an brand new sculptures of Mark Dedrie

After a considerable period of self-isolation, there is a beautiful new collection of sculptures to discover. And this in one of the most beautiful galleries in Knokke! Mark is therefore looking forward to meeting you again during the opening weekend of August 6-7-8

Boek Timeless Sculptures

Book Timeless Sculptures

Timeless Sculptures

Compiling my fourth book was an organic growth process of several months. Which works did I want to show? What stories did I want to tell?

Timeless Sculptures has ultimately become a voluminous overview of my oeuvre, from brand new works to the classics. Flanked by stories of people close to me.

Became curious? Order Timeless Sculptures now! Would you like to be home quickly? We send Timeless Sculptures by post. Prefer a signed copy? Your book will be ready on the festive weekend of my new exhibition in the Early Birds Art Gallery in Knokke on March 11, 12 and 13, 2022.

Customers who have already bought a statue of me can obtain this book for free during the weekend of March 12-13, please indicate in advance on which day you would like to visit, please provide a photo and the edition number of the statue as connection/location of purchase by email.

sculptures available for purchase at

Early Birds Art Gallery

Knokke, Belgium

Galerie Vent des Cimes

Grenoble, France

Galerie Estades

Lyon, France

Sculpture by the Lakes

Dorchester, United Kingdom